About Us

The Centenary Car Club of the West Rand was founded in 1987, and derived it’s name from the Krugersdorp centenary celebrations of that year. The guy who started it all was Eric Clough, now an honorary life member.

Eric got a few people with similar interests together, and had their first meeting in 1987 at a hall in Wentworth Park in Krugersdorp. In time, a constitution was drawn up, a committee formed, and the official meeting place was established next to the Monument Dam, currently where Key West Shopping Mall stands today. Centenary Car Club was given a 99 year lease on the small building, known as the “Kiosk”, and this was the official home of the Centenary Car Club for the next 12 years until the new municipality sold the ground to the developers of Key West.

The annual car show, known as “Any Dam Wheels Day” was born at this venue, and it was a beautiful setting to have the show. The title of the show reflected that no matter what vehicle you had, it had to be brought to the show at the “dam”, so nobody was swearing, it was just a clever descriptor for the show.

Centenary was in fact compensated for the upheaval, so that they could relocate, but the funds were put in trust, and because a number of other parties felt that they had a right to those funds, there was a long squabble over this money, which was never resolved, and Centenary lost out completely.
While this was happening, Centenary Club was accommodated temporarily, in a shed next to Nandos, at Key West, between 1999 and 2000. We managed to upset Key West management one day, when one of our members arrived in his Cadillac convertible, with one hand holding a glass of champagne, and the other on the steering wheel. We were virtually “excommunicated” on the spot, but luckily for us, one of our members, Garth Wilson, had a very pleasant pasture for us to meet on his plot on the Sterkfontein road.

We were very happy there for the next couple of years until one of our members overstepped the mark, abused Garth’s hospitality, and we were once again “excommunicated”! So, for our next gathering point, we shared a clubhouse with the running club at Coronation Park, in Krugersdorp. By this time, we had become a bit edgy, because we were informed that our meetings could clash with the ANC Youth League, who also used the same piece of Coronation Park for their meetings in those days.( Julius was just a ‘pekkie’ at that time) So we were seriously considering building our own clubhouse, but we didn’t have enough “mula”!

Then along came Mick van Rensburg from Tarlton, and saved the day. He offered us the current clubhouse out at the raceway, for free, and for which we are eternally greatful, and we have been there ever since – going on six years.!

The club has an average membership of about 100 / 120 paid up members. Membership has been as high as 140, and as low as about 50 ( when subs are due!) The club is a multi – make club, although in the very beginning, there had been some talk of restricting it to Chevs only. The Ford guys were having none of this, and the restriction was soon lifted.

Centenary Car Club meets every 2nd Sunday of the month at the clubhouse at Tarlton, where we have a bar, and braaipacks are always available to braai. The club welcomes visitors, and we enjoy hosting visits from other clubs, for which there is always an open invitation, just as Centenary would like to be invited to visit other clubs.

For further information please feel free to contact Helene 082 453 8222 or Leon 083 423 0907.